Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear Neighbor

I'm here, on behalf of my nation's youth,
Stating our deep condolences and support
Towards the current internal chaotic situation
Our fellow Southeast Asians have, in Bangkok.

My friend, my fellow Thai.
Sometimes it's no use, trying to collapse your nation's supremacy, it's no use. All you guys will have is riot. Havoc surrounds. Unwanted death might occur... You aware who will step aside from this kind of a mess? Tourists. And soon it'll harm your economy.

My friend, my fellow Thai.
Cool down all anger. Use your heart, not your head. I know government is a pain in the ass, I feel you. But think again. If they're all jackass, who would've been the brain? You citizens! Someone needs to think straight and shows who the one who has manners is! You aware who will pop off from a nation with no manner? Tourists. And soon you'll lose their trust.

Come on my friend, my fellow Thai.
Did you watch Pokemon The Movie back then? A song once sang "You don't have to be this way. Think about the consequences. Turn around and walk away." You do aware who will be walking away if you keep doing this, yes? Tourists! And soon you'll be broken in, side out!

Guys I'm begging you.
Don't make a fool decision.
Don't think about being destructive.
Don't you jeopardize all the potentials you have.

Peaceful Thailand pic, obtained from here.

Because you're captivating.
You possess amazing culture.
Magnificent goods soak within.

And I'll be there in two weeks :(

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  1. the thai conflict is more deep rooted than that tho but great post i feel u!