Friday, January 17, 2014

The Secret Life of My Kind

Recalling the resolution I made for 2014,
It's about Worldwide Fun, isn't it Vick?

Well to be honest, I'm kinda pretty optimistic about it. Chances are everywhere. I'm all open and free. Graduated and unemployed, I can actually choose to be a freelance writer or copywriter or better yet, go on with my study somewhere abroad.

Anything, could possibly be my path to being a Mr Worldwide.
And this was kinda reinforced by a simple hint, shown by

Walter Mitty

Genuinely scared, imagining myself in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, it's only a movie. About someone who is so tiny physically, financially and hierarchy-ly. Never once planned, going to Greenland, boating to Iceland, cycling and skating down the lowhill, drifting away from Eyjafjallajökull's dusts, hiking the Himalayas, never once planned by Walter Mitty.

But somehow he made it. Alone. No preparations at all. And no camera. I don't blame his decision, no he was a fool not bringing something to seize the wonders. But having no camera, means optimizing our visual to mental-capture the sights. Don't need to be busied taking pictures and enjoying digital sceneries from the screen. Just us, our eyes, and the genuine touch of mother nature.

I want that. The spontaneous journey, not the no-camera-at-all part.
Can you imagine? No certain plan you been waiting for and all of the sudden, poof!
You're sailing offshore Nuke, swimming ice cold water and eating a nice clementine cake.

I do, want that.
Because if you're in the middle of something unplanned,
And you apparently enjoy every single details you have to do,
Then you just found your quintessence

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