Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolution, Again

Welcome, 2014.
As I always NOT do every year -well if you pay attention, I don't always do this- this year, I sense something special and I guess I can use a little resolution.

So, 2014.
You know what big will happen this year? World Cup. Something I adore so much about football. About sport. International sport. Get back to 2010's World Cup and you'll see like thousands of posts about the whole league from the very beginning to victory euphorias. See, international matches turn me on. Stakes are on your pride. Because the party, is an international fiesta.

Well, 2014.
Up till now I have two abroad trip plans: Indochina and China. I still have like eight more months idling, waiting for more spontaneous abroad-ish plans to come by. Yea you know, things couldn't be easily predicted lately. Like last year on April my friends suddenly invited me to their delegates and the next thing I knew, we were at US already by October.

Maybe there's this overseas outing held by my office this mid year, or by the end of the year I get this chance to be transferred to overseas branches because the agency I'll be working to is a worldwide one, I don't know. Anything could still possibly happen.

Okay, 2014.
Now you get what's so special about it?
Yes. As far as my mind can predict about it,

It's the year of
Worldwide Fun

Now, 2014.
Surprise me!


  1. You'll eventually go somewhere far this year, amen ;)

    1. AMEN O LORD! Amen to what you wished for :')