Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fin & Gill

Let me tell you the biggest highlight of my last trip.
It's actually something I've done before in Bali.


First time doing this was last August with two friends in Amed. We had fun, they got back upland, I stayed for more. I knew I liked it but that was all. After that time, I didn't feel like I wanted more snorkeling.

Until Gili. I never been to Gili before. People said that the water's clear, way clearer than Bali. I just yeahed them and took it for granted because I hadn't actually seen it live. So once I got there, boom, it struck my eyes, my mind and my heart. Especially after I got the equipment, and swam among the surface of the ocean.

Oh. My. God.

It was seriously clear. I could see the corals, the fishes were swimming before me, I even saw a sea turtle! It was so beautiful I didn't even notice that I was like a hundred meters away already from the beach. And when I reached the level where it was like two stories deep to the ocean floor, I began to feel this fear of drowning -started panicking and losing my breath- so I acted calm and swam back to the sand.

But it couldn't stop me from swimming back to that point.
I knew I would started to lose my calm again but,
I just couldn't get enough of that. 

Picture of Atlantica, obtained from here.

If I now recall the way I lost my mind, gave no shit about the possibility of drowning and kept swimming instead, feels like I wanna hit the back of my head and shout to myself "what the hell were you thinking??"

But then if I recall of how beautiful the view I peeked from that calm surface was, how vast the blue space around me and how I subconsciously praising Allah when swimming near the depth, I can actually block my own back-head-attack and answer, "but you enjoyed it eh?"

I'm into it. So much.
For now yes, I'm into it.
Well... I hope it lasts longer.
And I get more chance to snorkel.
And when seeing the ocean, I can be calmer.

But umm...

Calmer while all around me is just, water? How?
Should I make a deal with Ursula?

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