Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh How I Hate Them!

Without any introductions or prologues or whatsoever, I want to tell you that i dislike them.

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Yes, big big yes, they're phenomenal. They got skills, they got ability, they got popularity.


Maybe this is the reason why I hate them. I don't know, I just don't like the way people adore them like gods or masters. It's just way too copious.

And recently, I have another one that I don't like.

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Okay. For your information, I used to idolize him. I did. He was so great. He played well, he played clean, he was a bright star among dull ones such as Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Well it was, for me.

Now what do we got? He plays dirt. He tackled others, he argued referee, and overall, he's done nothing for Brazil. And as a gift, he got a red card.

Once, I ever read about him. He said that Milan was his dream club when he was little and he wouldn't go anywhere else. But now? He's in Madrid. With Ronaldo.

Yeah, I'm not supposed to criticize them as I'm fool on soccer.
But as a human, I can say whatever I want right?
Besides, it's my blog

P. S. : as a professional supporter (please, no comment), I watched portugal vs north korea though i hate ronaldo. but i have to say that it was the coolest match i ever seen in this world cup. and tonight spain will be playing. hope the best for them

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