Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Wall of Hatred

From several posts I've made, you might noticed that I have a severe grudge towards some football players. Well ya, you know that celebs will always have haters and stuff... This 'grudge' thing is more like it.

This year, it's expanded to five, with five different nations.

Torres, Suarez, Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar

So the grayscaled ones, as you know, are they who went home already. In chronological order. But Uruguay was just sent home last night, why would they be placed before Portugal? Hey, slow down, Rita Skeeter!

I told you it's not about the nation,
It's about the person himselves.

Suarez bite Chiellini two days before Portugal's match. It marked the time he was started to be considered going home. I myself don't really care if Uruguay could proceed to quarterfinal, semifinal, or even be the champion, because Luis Suarez has become a loser already.

About Torres, I started hating him since he took off from Liverpool. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two remaining persons from the last I-don't-like-you list I made in 2010. I've been fallen in hatred since forever with them.

Now Neymar, Neymar...

He's 22, successful and has met many stars. While I'm 22, sitting in front of my laptop, hating him from afar. Lol no, that's not the reason lol just kidding. Well, not so kidding because... Which boy in this world, 22, and wouldn't be jealous of him??

Okay, back to the topic, shall we? :)

Neymar, he's just the old CR and Messi. Young, talented, skillful, and too much. Too much exposure, too much talked about, too much pressure, responsibility and hope put on his shoulder. And I can see it already. The arrogance. Like what CR had always shown.

And the fact that he and his squad played really dull game last night, got tied by Chile but managed to send them home BY ONLY WINNING THE PENALTY KICKS, oh God I'd really love to see him and Brazil out of the game, humiliated in front of the whole country.

Phew, breathe Vick, breathe.
Three down, two to go, it's not a big deal.
But things could still be changing in some scenario.
Like, if something happened to either USA or Algeria,
Some people will crowd the list

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