Friday, June 11, 2010

Fresher Look!

Hey, I've changed my blog design using the new Template Designer by Blogger!

Well I'm kinda bored of the old blue one but that was cool though. And about the background image... Well, I've spent an hour here sitting on my chair to look for soccer ball background but I couldn't find any. so I picked the baseball one. At least I caught the portrait of the grassy pitch.

Well, that's all. Hope you enjoy.


  1. ahahaa.. wow. it's almost been a year huh?
    i can't even remember when the last time i visited ur blog.. :D
    well nice writing. keep on.
    and i'm waiting for ur next visit and comments.. :D

  2. natasya andrea putriJune 17, 2010 at 10:58 AM

    sumprriit, kalo gue ga tau ini blog punya lo, gue bakal ngira ini blog cewek. haha, candaaaaaa. keep on writing yee. gue suka bacain blog orang

  3. heh sialan, udah kagak ada kabar dateng dateng ngecengin blog gue pula! okedah kalo banyak yang baca sih gue bakal rajin ngepost hehe