Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hell No

Half of groups of World Cup 2010 had finally done. 8 teams had successfully proceeded to the round of 16. But the last one, matches of group D, made me really sad.

I hoped these things last night when I saw the matches:
"Australia makes it to the next round or Germany ends up in the second place"


Because I want Australia to be able to play in the round of 16. They're just so unlucky by all the things they got, so I just want them to make it.

And my second hope, well... Because by being in the second place, Germany won't meet England in the round of 16. Yes, if it happens, it'll be a big match but it's way too early! I still wanna see both play at least until the quarter final round.

But you know what?

Australia lost and Germany ended up in the first place.

Good... Very good...

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