Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Decision

Every single human must have faced a situation called dilemma. There, we should choose one thing among others. And to face that, a strong determination is needed by us so we would be able to choose one proper option. Without any mistakes, without arguments, without regrets.

Gosh, why there should be a thing like this? I never know what happen if I choose one of those damn options.

Thank goodness if it's succeeded.
But how if it isn't?

Regrets, regrets, and tons of regrets will haunt me each night I lay my head to sleep. And seeing others cheering like crazy could make me even worse. It's just like... It's better for me to kill myself. Suicide is the main agenda.

Well it's useless by only saying, I know. I have to decide. I've grown up, and I have to show the world that I can stand by my own choice.

And this is the time...
I hope I pick the right one, wish me luck.

And I choose...

SPAIN as the team that I support in 2010!! Woohooo!!

I know I could make it.
Piece of cake!

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