Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh How I Adore Them!

I support Spain. I know, you guys had already known because I've always announced that many many times. But since the red fury hasn't done any matches, I'm not really into them yet. I repeat, not yet.

But out of Spain, I already have my own favorite players. There are two of them. Can guess who they are? Okay, it's Robin van Persie from the Netherlands and Mesut Ozil from Germany.

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I don't like them because of what they look. No, big no. Well, you can see how Ozil looks. Owly right? Haha, just kidding.

"So, what makes me like them?"

They're bright, they're talented, but after all...
They're moslems
Yeah, they are!

Robin van Persie is married to a Maroccan lady. So he was inverted to moslem. Well, that's what the rumors said. I don't care what's the fact, but the point is... He's moslem and I appreciate that.

While mesut ozil, it's no doubt left. He's a true moslem. Media said that Ozil always read holy Qur'an right before the matches he'll be playing. Oh wow, I really respect him.

By knowing this news, World Cup is becoming more colorful to me.
How 'bout you?

P.S. : I was just watched Portugal against Ivory Coast. Damn boring. After this, there'll be Brazil vs North Korea. Hope it'll be good so my 'begadang' won't be useless.

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