Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Deeds Turn Bad

No one ever doubt the usefulness of Wikipedia.
With Google by its side, they make a very helpful couple.
Just mention what you want to find, and Wiki will help you explain.

But -there's a but in every post.
Sometimes kind acts lead you to disappointment,

When you treat it wrong.

Long ago, I was so into Masterchef Australia. I stay tuned in each and every single episodes, said goodbye to the leaving contestants, one by one until it was down to the last two contestants -I even remember their names, it was Adam and Callum.  I never knew that the actual show had long finished before Star World aired it in Asia. So it was all, encore.

Just several days before the season finale, like an innocent little pig I browsed Wikipedia to cherish the previous moment and mourn the eliminated contestants. When on the entry, I over-read the section when they mentioned Adam as the winner. Feeling down? Yeah I was broken, but not as broke as what happened yesterday.

Once again, it's about The Hunger Games. Okay I'm sorry I can't help but keep talking about it. It's always been my nature to compulsively seek for information, articles, posters, videos, fanarts, and all maniac stuff about one thing, once I'm on a fiery love with that thing.

And yesterday was the day I regretted how corny my obsession is.

So I browsed Wiki and read the article about districts in Panem. What they are specialized about, and who the tributes they have. District one, with tributes of Marvel, Glimmer, Gloss, Cashmere, district two with Cato, Clove, Brutus, Enobaria, three with Beetee, Wiress, four, Finnick--okay. I stopped at Finnick Odair.

And why did I stop? Because I over-read that in Mockingjay, the third book of the trilogy, the book I am now halfway reading, Finnick died. I was like, Oh my God WHY DID I READ THAT?? Any chance that I didn't read that or, Wiki lies to me?? And yeah, there went my regrets.

Portrait of Finnick Odair was obtained from here.

It's like, I'm just several pages away from finding out that Finnick will die, 
And I'll be literally freaking out like he's actually one of my relatives,
And I'm gonna say something like

"Damn Suzanne Collins, you rock my ass!"

But now, I won't feel the desired euphoria.
Wikipedia successfully, proudly stole it for me.
Well umm, my impatience let Wiki stole it from me.

There, there...

Now let me summarize you the moral of the story:
Don't take good deeds for granted

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