Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Recently, there's this thing inside of me,
When seeing babies, it's like, you know,
My mouth's like watering.

Yaa, you can tell that I'm sort of hungry seeing babies. They look plump, with round-reddish cheeks, and tiny little cute buttocks, all fresh and juicy. I wanna say that I don't want to eat them but, I WANT TO EAT THEM!

Lately, somehow, people have babies. And they bring it everywhere. Going to mall with babies. Riding the bus with babies. Here with babies, there with babies, what is happening here!? I'm like, Is this some kind of mating season everybody seem to keep giving birth to babies??

The top of all was the time I browsed YouTube to watch Elmo from Sesame Street. Yea you know how I adore my childhood that I brought everything I like -including all those lifelike puppets- as a part of my recent life. So yea I browsed some Elmo shows and I was exposed with this

It's a big lie if I tell you I didn't freak out when seeing them. Elmo from Sesame Street which I like, is interacting with that stuffed baby I want to eat so bad! If I could I would storm into my phone screen, steal the baby, bring him back home and have my own feast!

Damn you babies.
You make me sound like a psycho.
I'm dying to have, or if I could, buy one of you.
But can I ask one that can't grow to be an annoying toddler?


Thank God I have cats.
They're cute, huggy and spineless.
They eat much and shit a lot like babies.
Yet, they can't grow up

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