Thursday, August 1, 2013


For you who have no idea, according to the Hijri calendar, I was born in the holy month of Ramadan -well that's why my middle name is 'Ramadan', and that's why I'm holy :)

But somehow, people oftenly mistaken the date. When they ask my full name and Ramadan is near, they'll be like "Oh cool, you'll be having your birthday soon!" but seriously guys, you do know that Hijri calendar's not synced with Gregorian. So my birthday is March 27, and don't you guys bother asking me some treats in Ramadan.

Although actually, I know when my Hijri birthday is.

All these years, all these 21 years living in this planet, I never knew in what Islamic date I was born. Mom and dad never had an idea either, so I convinced myself that I lost the track.

But fool me, I never realized in what era I'm living now. So weeks ago, I browsed the internet to find out what Hijri date was that when I was born on March 27. And boom, I finally answered my all time top priority question of my life.

And yes, it's today.
Ramadan 23rd. Today.

Picture of Agrabah, obtained from here.

I'm so glad I finally explored it.
Now I have two birthdays in one year.
But don't you guys bother asking me some treats
Because we're fasting, remember? :)