Thursday, August 15, 2013

Check Three: Fasting Month & Internship

I don't want to be late, again.
Now that it's a week after Lebaran,
And a week before my internship ends,
I guess it's about time to tick another box.

So yeah, fasting month had ended. I swear to God I thought last year Ramadan was the fastest I ever felt due to my other internship at BCA but then this year came and... The previous ones are nothing faster than this.

And about this year's internship, well, I'm so done being used haha. It's not that fully used actually but still, the existence of interns help employees a lot! Long live interns!

I actually am still having this big thirst of working as a copywriter because umm, gotta tell ya, I haven't worked my best ass off for anything. I haven't felt the true exhaustion of being a copywriter but, yea, there'll be time for that Vick, don't be such a greed. Soon you'll regret that you have said about these 'thirst' things.


Several steps away to New York.
God, please make it work.

Just like my way being an ad clerk

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