Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Check Four: Visa & Tickets

We passed the most crucial part.
Stuff that guarantee us, going or not.

After all the time consuming internships and busy Ramadan, we started to get down to visa application. The preparation was nerve-wrecking and hectic, but thank God right by the end of the day we were told that our visas were accepted.

Felt extra excited and mood boosted, we went straight to airline offices all around South Jakarta and again, thank God we could book the best deal. It's Etihad -or Emirates, ya? I forget, it's something starts with E- anyway.

About the fare, don't ask about the fare.
Money's not really what we concern the most right now.
I mean, we still have one whole month and anything could possibly happen.

And I'm sure something good
Is waiting around the corner.


Several steps away to New York.
God, please make it work.

And don't worry America, I'm not a turk

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