Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Journal Closing

I thought 2012 was the sweetest one.
But I was wrong. Until I met 2013.

Which turned to be the year
I learned more about myself.

All year long, I'm telling you, all year long.
I kept exploring hidden potentials inside of me.

Potentials I thought were strong enough but eventually,
I kept exploring something bigger as days and months went by.

Flying Solo -- January - February
Never once in my mind, back then, that I'd actually ever gone traveling alone to some new places I never even been to. But I did. I completed the challenge I set to myself. And it was not only me, but my parents were also proud of what I did, my friends applauded me. A regular trip, supposedly, but the extreme touches I sprinkled, made it more interesting. I began to love myself.

First Real Jobs -- March - April
Things got more serious and it was more than just a traveling thing. So I got a freelance copywriting offer from my lecturer. To a guy in his junior year of college called "me", it was considered tremendous. I couldn't stop praising myself because, umm, she trusted me? :')

"The Field Trip" -- June - August
More about the professional world, yea as you knew I was called as apprentice by BBDO. One big, noted advertising agency worldwide. What I liked myself about this part was, I did everything by myself. Applying for the position, calling in the interview, doing the whole internship program ALTHOUGH, I have a relative who works for Lowe, I skipped the advantage and worked it all myself.

Getting American -- October
This, could actually be the highlight of the year and placed the last in this list. But after all, traveling should be placed one step below education and career so, it's placed fourth.

But still, this was the one I won't ever deny. The thing that makes me see myself higher. Although the success of this was achieved with my friends, I can't ever take myself for granted anymore. Or underestimate myself. So starting from US, when I felt down, I would just say to myself "dude, at least you been to America" :)

Done and Ready -- December
So as you know, the peak of my achievement was about myself in college. Yes. My degree. My title I worked myself to get. The phase where I could finally take a break from campus stuff. Well, the last break. Before I finally have to feel the real professional world. Not just an underdog freelance jobs. Nor a semi-real jobs called the internship.

But a real job.

That recently, has been haunting me too much.
Causing me lots of lots of thoughts and considerations.
Which actually, doesn't necessarily have to be like that tho.

Because I know somehow I can make it eventually.
Because I possess something greater than I ever even known.

I thought 2012 was the sweetest one.
But I was wrong. Until I met 2013.

And I hope I'm wrong again.
After I see 2014 :)

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