Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get A Horse!

Mickey and Minnie went on a ride with their friends Horrace and Clarabelle. Clasically, big cruel antagonist Pete came to kidnap Minnie. Then there goes the rest of the story; Mickey attempted to rescue Minnie with the help of his friends, failed a little bit, came up with some good idea and poof! Pete's down and yes, I told you the whole story.

What did I feel right after? Thankful. It was only seven minutes long, and shown as the opening theatrical for Frozen but, I found it very, very appealing. Well why not? The scene was like the classic-est thing a Disney fan could ever enjoy the authentic piece of art of... Disney!

It simply brought me back to the first black and white episode of Mickey Mouse, the "Steamboat Willie". Similar plot, same exact characters. It was the first episode of a Mickey-and-friends cartoon compilation -I forgot the name of the CD- my dad bought me, then I watched it with my brothers, humming the tunes and mouthing the mini dialogues, laughing off the cliche jokes... Can I use some tissues here? I could cry now.

I enjoyed this one a lot. Feelin like an oldie when I was like the only one giggling along the classic humors -since every other audience inside the theater were like ten, fifteen years younger than me- but, umm to be honest, I'm proud.

Proud because I grew in such the best generation.
Proud because I could show those nowadays-children
The true essence of a cartoon

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