Monday, December 23, 2013

Relieved // Terrified

It's been a while.

I skipped updating about my last times at campus, I skipped sharing about how have my final thesis been going, I skipped continuing my Neverland Playlist... I was pretty occupied lately.

Got assigned to the thesis defense by Friday last week, December 20, and it really put my last week's early weekdays in such a mess. Yea you know, because before the trial I have to get all the administrative stuff done, then drop my paper to one of my examiners, then prepare for the presentation slides, the gimmicks, the souvenirs, ARGH I swear I was going to post a luck proposal the day before my trial but... I couldn't.

Anyway speaking of the day,
I might say that I felt so blessed...
To finish things smooth, and to have them.

Left to right are Ammy, Eda and Salsa. There were also Kidung -who
were inside the room, seeing me defensing my work, Dave and Jipi.
Left to right are Mbak Nadia, my oh-so-helping-thesis-consultant-damn-I-owe-her-so-much,
Mas Whisnu the chief and Mas Jaja the examiner. Thanks so much, everybody :')

Phew, well...
Now that everything's done...
Oh of course, praise Allah, everything's done.

I'm halfway patenting my degree, my title.
It's just several mini steps away to getting my degree, my title.

Anyway today was the last day like, literally THE LAST DAY of ours, being in an official academical activity. The next one we'll have, will be our graduation ceremony.


Feels just like yesterday, I got involved in the orientation stuff.
Today, the future, the true life and the true adulthood wait before me.

I'm scared, inside out

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