Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Where To?

You may noticed that lately, before the one-week vacuum, the posts I produced were all about childhood and childish stuff. Yea right, agree? I'm having this phobia of growing up...

When I stepped out of the trial room, it felt like
Okay this is it I'm free! I'm finally fvckin free!
Although the fact is, now I'm on the verge of

Getting into reality

Long ago I was so sure that after college I'll go straight to working. Then after a year or two, I'll be off to postgraduate stuff before I continue my professional world.

It was so firm until I talked to a friend, had my mind opened about how easy it would be for me to get a scholarship if I take the advantage of being a University of Indonesia fresh graduate. That made sense, really, because if I work first and search for scholarships later, the institution backing me up will be the place I been working for, not my college.

Yet, like I've recently been whining about, yea I'm not yet ready to face the cruelty of working. Taking 6 months off looking for the best scholarship while doing some freelance jobs, set myself free for a while while also traveling, the idea sounds like the best right?!

Until mom got in touch with her one of her old friend, it was the best idea indeed. So this friend of hers has two sons that started their undergraduate program after two years working, and of course, she convinced mom to have me do the same way. Now you know what happened next. I changed my mind again.


I'm really, seriously just one step away entering adulthood.
Yesterday was like, where should we go for summer break?

And today it's like... Like...

I'm lost

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