Sunday, December 8, 2013

What a Relief

So I watched Frozen yesterday.

After all, Disney's stuff should be blog-treated better than any other movies.
Well why not? The movie's such a masterpiece.

The poster belongs to this website.

It's been a long time since I watched Disney Classic down at the cinema. The last one was Brother Bear -well I actually watched Wreck-it Ralph last year but what I meant by Disney Classic was, a human-based-story-with-some-magical-touch classic, not a parallel world of arcade kind of 'classic'. So what I'm saying is, it's been a long time not watching some musical animated feature as Disney always been specialized for -nobody sang along the story of Wreck-It Ralph, as long as I could recall, so don't blame me for skipping the movie.

With Frozen, Disney brought it back to me and I love it.

Now speaking about love, it's not a Disney Classic if there's no cliche about true love and stuff. Especially when it features a brand new princess. When the magical word of 'love' was mentioned, I was like, oh here we go again, sooo~ Disney. But as scenes went by, it wasn't the love I expected. Disney twisted it well and I fell for it.

And I liked Anna. A lot. A type of woman I'll be spending most of my time with. While Elsa, man, she's a fine queen within. Queen. Oh yea she's a queen! Not a princess like people bragged about so, the Disney Princess line-up is no longer in a mess! Although if they still put Elsa as one of the princesses, I don't mind I'll never consider her as one anyway. Disney complicated stuff but I guess I won't ever bother about it.

To sum it up, the movie was fascinating. Entertaining and easy, the humor apparently, was fresh -either the comedy was purely fresh or I simply have a low sense of humor- I liked it a lot when children at the cinema laughed. The music, the story, the Olaf... Disney relive my childhood vision and I adore it.

This pic has nothing to do with my post storyline but umm, I just like it. It's from here.

After all, Disney's stuff should be blog-treated better than any other movies.
Well why not? After all these years, demand changed, techs been growing,
But they remained the same, creating childhood and maintaining ones...

Nothing could change Disney.
Even future won't be able to.
What a relief :)

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