Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Royal Complaint

Once upon a time,
On the land of enchantment,
Disney stopped producing handmade classics.

And so, computer animation rules.

I have a fling with Disney Princesses. I don't know they're all charming I like it a lot. From Snow White to Tiana, from the first to the ninth princess, I put so much love to them. But starting from the tenth, I began to stop giving shit.

Rapunzel, and the eleventh princess Merida, is not an output of Disney Classics. Although still, Rapunzel was originally made by Walt Disney Pictures -unlike Merida who was produced by Pixar Studio. But after all, she's computer animated and it just violated my value of Disney Princess, who should be drawn by hands!

So hey people of Walt Disney,
I'm trying to offer some ideas here.

Why don't you stop bothering the current Disney Princess, make it only up 'till Princess Tiana, and develop a new princess line-up that is, umm, computer-animated based? You can name it let's say, "Pixar Princess"? Or, "Computer Princess"...? Maybe? Yea whatever its name would be, just separate them!

And you know you have two other princesses joining soon, and again, they're computer-animated. And the worse part is, these women, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, are sisters! What the hell were you guys thinking about?? Two princesses from one same film, and siblings, all they gotta do is just crowding and confusing the line-up!

Okay now you guys have four computer princesses already, and they're not so phenomenal, and they appeared on movies which are named after one word that are not their names -Tangled, Brave, and Frozen? Got it now? and moreover, Merida and Elsa don't have a prince?? What more common things could they share? They meant to be together, so be it!

Left to right I got it from here, here and here.

Once upon a time,
Princesses of 3D keeps appearing.
While classic ladies I always been admiring of,
Lived happily ever after

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