Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Retired Actor

Long ago, when I was still a high school student freshman, I used to do all sorts of things I thought I was interested in, just to feed my curiosity. Enrolled -but failed halfway- in the Student Committee, joined as a member of Flag Hoisting Troop, tried to deal with school magazine, and umm got myself in the Physics Team for the competition and stuff -see how blind I was!? PHYSICS!?

Well all didn't end so well, eventually.
Unless one, who I was kinda interested in.

It was the theatrical act.

Guess which one I was!? Guess! GUESS!?

Damn. I was so into role playing. The casting started several months before the first semester break. The audition itself was a hell lot of fun. Held by the seniors, done it with some new friends, such cool new experience!

Then some people got accepted. Some others were assigned as the committee of the performance. We started stuff real absurd. With no professional coaches, no fixed script, not even settled roles for each of us.

Until finally, they hired a real theatrical actress. Then she brought a friend of hers. They were, well, the first professional actors I ever faced. Not actors I saw on TV or so, but actors of real acting thing! And they were indeed pros. They trained us like real actors and actress. Every single practicing day, with exciting warming-ups and stuff, OH LORD I MISSED THEM!

Truth to be told, we didn't even get the main actor until the halfway of everything. I myself got the second important role as the main character's son. I might've given the main role but THANKFULLY the character of a stingy cunning Batavian dad wouldn't ever fit me. Plus I was still really small and lean back then.

So we kept practicing day by day, month by month. Been ups and downs, lazy days and on-fire ones kept coming back and forth within this spineless soul. Dramas inside dramas also happened. You know, as our true personality got revealed the longer we spent time together, thoughts grew among us and stuff, ya that kind of drama, it occurred.

But somehow, me managed to do everything well until the D-day.
The day when we really had to perform, in front of actual audiences.

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta 
Saturday, May 17th 2008

Yes, the venue. It gave pressure to us.
We were actually considered pros.

But yea we were.
Because we nailed it.
We did good performances,
On the stage where true actors act.

In make ups
SO FVCKIN THEATRICAL AND ARTISTIC!? Unless that stupid plant in front of my fancy shoes...
The missy on the frontest, is our adorable coach

Yes, the venue. It gave pressure to us.

And the date, it gave pressure to me.
Because it reminds me the fact that
Six years ago, at this time, in GKJ,

I had no idea that in six years I'll be writing about
How cool my fellow actors and I were

P.S.: Happy Dramus-Ceriosa Day, guys. May Kak Ara and Kak Achoy be ever in our favor. "Pelit apa iriiitt?? Masa sih?? Padahal kan suaminya Bu Dahal!"

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