Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Halfway Merman

This is gonna be the part where you're getting sick of my traveling posts, because it's talking about just the same thing, trip by trip. But I don't care, because that's my goal. To make all places in this world, as my home.

But for Philippines, I guess there'll be a slight difference.
Because the home I was visiting, were both land, and sea.

And by so, I began to realize I got something else in myself.

Enemy: Taxi
I didn't ride it in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, only once in Bangkok when I was in a terrible rush of catching my flight, not at all in Vietnam, Cambodia and Cebu, and only twice for getting out from and reaching the airport in Manila. After all, those are my homes too. Why would I ride a cab, when local transport can easily get me to my desired destinations?

Best friend: Map
Stupidly, I didn't plan a lot for this trip. But gratefully, with a pinch of local friends' recommendations, and the almighty power from the map, I got to visited all stuff I wanted to see. After all, those are my homes too. Why would I be doubt of getting lost, when everybody can easily be approached and showing me the way?

Lifetime goal: Local of the sea
One breathtaking session with the sharks. Two clear falls in two consecutive days. Three hours of snorkeling in the best surface I could ever ask. Four large groups of sardines swimming within the deep blue ocean and I didn't freak out at all. Well, I freaked out mediocre, but I'm okay -I guess. After all, those are my homes too. Why would I be afraid of exploring the depth, when deep inside I can feel the true beauty of the place I call home?

After Philippines, I realized I now have this huge interest of underwater wonder. I began planning to buy underwater apparels and gadgets, although I knew I wouldn't gonna use it pretty often. But at least I'm preparing myself to be ready.

If somehow, someday,
I did the same mistake again,
Arranging such trip full of levities,
Where locals thought I was one of them,
And where land meets water

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