Thursday, May 8, 2014

Levity #1: Commuting

The short-notice, unprepared out of nowhere trip,
Caused me in the lack of transportation preparation.

Thank God in Philippines, transport system is not that different from Indonesia. I'm not talking about taxi, hmph, dude, trip won't be that fun and challenging with taxis intervention. I'm talking about the all-time-local public transportation. Ya I'm referring to bus, trains, habal-habal -or in here as we know as 'ojek'- and Pilipinas' signature ride,

The Jeepney

Yes I took it all. I had no idea which jeepney to take to which tourist spot, which bus to ride to which city, I. Just. Had. No. Idea.

All I ever did was to decide which place I wanted to visit, then asked local securities which means of transport to take, and there I went! Boldly -or should I say, recklessly?- stopped the jeepney, asked if that one headed to the place I'd be visiting, then hopped on the ride, mingling with locals who, starting from the very beginning of my trip up to the very end, would always thought that I was Filipino.

Yea and they'd be like staring at me, might thinking like why on earth is this guy speaking English? before they start to ask me stuff in Tagalog and I'll be like whoa dudes and dudettes, I ain't Filipino so speak English to me.

I can't stop smiling when I recall those mistaken times.
Levity forced me to ride local rides, take local routes and stuff,
Made locals spoke Filipino to me

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