Saturday, May 24, 2014

An Indie in Me

When it comes to music, usually I’m dragged to the mainstream.

You know I like Pitbull. And Jason Mraz, and The Black Eyed Peas, and I’d mostly fall for any Billboard Top 40 hits that match my ears. I ain’t any indie guy, because their tunes aren’t any of my preference. And I just can’t vision myself enjoying the music to myself, not having a chance to easily share my love for the music with the other fans, or going to their big concerts to sing it aloud—no, that’s just not how I appreciate music.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that all my favorite artists are ‘em boring guessable ones. I like tunes that “that match my ears”, remember? So of course, I have a bunch of fave artists that come from the indie section. Like this London-based indie pop group named Autoheart which I started listening to since August last year. Don’t know them? Haha okay, what about this.

A friend of mine once asked me, after all the gigs of my idols I succeeded to catch, which artist(s) whose concerts I’d really dying to see. Well I’ve witnessed many of my faves. But still my life feels incomplete withouth these two. And so I answered

Bastille, and Imagine Dragons.

Pics are from here and here.

A British indie pop group, and an American indie rock band. Lead by vocalists named Dan Smith and Dan Reynolds –I don’t know what happens: whether the universe cospires, or they are made purely for me and meant for me but, what a coincidence to have both groups led by vocalists who share a same damn first name!?—these two had been on my iPod since the beginning of last year.

My love towards Bastille grew during my Bali trip in late 2013. It was “Flaw” that first came to my ears, which song to me, is Bastille’s best piece. Then I started listening to “Pompeii” in Vietnam-Cambodia 2014, “Overjoyed” in my recent Philippines 2014 trip, and I’m sure many more yet to listen.

Contact with Imagine Dragons was even longer. I brought “It’s Time” to Malaysia-Thailand 2013my very first solo trip experience!– and been in love since then. “Demon” was played all along my USA 2013 trip, while “On Top of the World” and “Radioactive” were always with me in Vietnam-Cambodia.

Those, and many other vacations and occasions afterwards, were times where I subconsciously fell in love with the bands.

A love I can’t do much about,
But listening to them through my headphones.
Cause these two, as I said, ’re pretty off the stream.
And would probably not come to Indonesia.

Please don't leave me hangin here, Dans. Pic's from here.

Many of my favorite artists come and go to Indonesia. David Guetta, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Calvin Harris –although I missed many of them too, but it’ll be much fulfilling if I can ever catch at least one of these bands. But yea, I don’t know.

Indonesia’s growing but it seems like international artists are much more interested to come to Tokyo or Hong Kong. And of course, Singapore.

But still I have faith in me. And I’ll definitely catch ‘em.

Right before they lost their Indie-ness

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