Saturday, May 10, 2014

Levity #2: Exploring

The short-notice, unprepared out of nowhere trip,
Caused me in the lack of city-exploring preparation.

Did I told you I didn't bring any travel guide books for this trip? Damn come to think of it, this was really a mega giga disorganized trip I ever did. So I didn't know where to go, I only had this print-outs papers of Manila and Cebu I obtained from Wiki Travel and that was all.

But then again, it's me. Do you expect me to not going anywhere, stay at the dorm instead enjoying the wifi and posted dumb stuff on Path letting people know that I was in Makati or Pasay? Lol of course not.

I dragged my ass to where tourist spots were. I got lost several times, opening up again the offline map I downloaded at my phone on my last minute before leaving Indonesia and if I still couldn't make it, well, who else to ask but the locals?

So I came to them and ask for direction. They'd be like answering with big questions on their head why would this guy ask me in English? and they'd be like can't you speak Tagalog? This has been so cliche, for real. I always smiled and answered no, I'm Indonesian and their respond were always the same:

"You look like Filipino."

Then my re-respond will always be the same too:
Smile even bigger, faked a laugh and said,

"Hahaha people always said that"

Then we burst in laughter, I thanked them and left with a big smile. It's always been the same exact script from time to time, day to day, people to people. And it's always been the same exact reactions too once I reach the places I was looking for because, those are worth-getting-lost for.

Magellan's Cross, Cebu City
Lapu Lapu Beach, Mactan Shangri-La
Manila Cathedral

I can't stop smiling when I recall those mistaken times.
Levity forced me to visit random places, take me to the crowds,
Made locals spoke Filipino to me

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