Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wrath from the Past

There's one thing I couldn't stop thinking about last year. Pretty phenomenal, yet when I came to think of it, it wasn't something we could be proud of.

It was Vesak 2013

Last year, Vesak was a big thing.

Everybody seemed to be so interested traveling to Borobudur. Asked their whole peers to come enjoying the festival -yea some people called that 'festival' like a public fair they could just visit and shit around. All those agendas, man, it crowded the temple.

Last year, was hell. For them Buddhist.
And for me too, to be honest.

Because reading of what happened at the temple, sort of made me burning, back home. Burning of anger, and disappointment. I knew it wasn't my religion. Who am I to be upset then?

Well, I'm a civilized human being.
With high sense of religion-tolerance.

It was a damn SACRED RITUAL, for God's sake. And those imbeciles were like, contestants of that show The Amazing Race, trying to conquer all the spots and all parts of the ritual, finishing tasks by taking pictures of praying monks, lanterns, also the tasks of littering, making loud noises, laughing disrespectfully outloud, joking around with their same-dumb friends, being an asshole, laughing like assholes, then going home like groups of assholes.

I was so mad. I don't even know why, but I just was.
Until 2014 came. And May rushed back in.

But this year, Vesak was a smaller thing.

I didn't get any invitations from any friends to visit the temple, didn't see any posts related to the temple flooding my news feed, and media didn't spill bad stories from Magelang. Maybe people started to realize that last year was a mistake. And they seemed to lose interest too. I could really sense that the hype wasn't as strong as last year, all just felt calmer.

That's actually good. Because Vesak is not something people should be interested in. It's just a regular but happened-to-be-a-beautiful ritual, we other religion aren't supposed to interfere. No one have the rights to ruin the sanctity.

Let them do their thing.

Don't make any excuses of crashing Vesak as you want to see one of Indonesia's rich culture--blah, bullshit man. You see Vesak in Borobudur because you want to check in on your social medias, telling the world that "dude look, I'm in Borobudur now seeing such fancy occasion~"

If you actually want to feel Indonesian culture, there are thousands of other traditions you can "annoy" and take part into. Don't talk shit on me. Or do shit on them.

"You might look pro, hipster, or rich, but after all you're just morons trying to look like a pro, hipster, or ya, rich."

Picture belongs to Made Yudistira

We're Indonesians.
I know what you think

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