Monday, July 14, 2014

Match 64

In less than an hour, we'll get to watch the end of World Cup 2014.
Might be the match people had been waiting for.

People. Not me.

Because World Cup has always been so special to me. And entering the final match, means that I have to wait for 4 more years to be able to feel the exact complete smart-ass euphoria towards football. Lol but what can I do. I have to watch it anyway.

Argentina vs Germany
Estádio Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro

Duel people are dying to see. Pic's from here.

I'm on German side. They've been one of my considerations since the very beginning. But you know I ended up choosing England. At first I adored the squad because of an imbecile reason: Mesut Ozil is a moslem. But as time goes by, as I saw Germany very strong as a team, not as individuals-forced-to-work-as-a-team, my adoration towards Germany grew logically.

While Argentina, ya, it's Leo I don't like him. But among any other people I hate, he's actually the one who has the actual skill of a football star. I admit it. I don't hate him professionally as a football player no, duh, he's like a god. I even forgot why I been hating him but believe me, it's personal... And hey, I must be consistent. Once I hate him, I will always do.

For this last match, people might've been waiting to see who's the best between Lionel Messi, and Thomas Mueller. People. Not me. I'm using their pics as a cover to attract readers tho, not because I'm looking forward to see how they play for the final.

As for my own preference, I'm actually waiting for the show served by

Manuel Neuer and Sergio Romero

Pics are from here and here

This World Cup has been all about goalkeepers after Group A exposed Guillermo Ochoa. Since after, talented goalkeepers were like swelling from team to team, blocking attacks and giving thrill to each and every single game, even if it's a no-goals game! Shit man I really love this set of World Cup it's full of dramas made by goalkeepers that people might not find very entertaining.

People. Not me.

I'm so gonna talk about this goalkeeper thing later.
This post is all about the final match. The sudden death.
But I'm gonna stop now because the match's about to start.

I don't know.

I'm too emotional

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