Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When Void Came Amusing

Back to World Cup, ladies and gentlemen.
I finally started to feel the vibe, I knew it...

So, the cup is not even a week yet.
But I guess I've seen the best match already.

Brazil v Mexico
Tuesday, Jun 17 2014 - Estadio Castelao Fortaleza

Neymar's pic is from here, Chicharito's from here.

They started with the possession from 57 : 43 for Brazil, but constantly increasing to 53 : 47. I found it really tremendous! I mean, it's so obvious that their strategy was majorly defensive, I could see that from how Julio Cesar almost did nothing significant along the game. But possessing almost half of the whole ball? They're dogs! The players were crazy striking, yet on the same time, solid on the back!

But what mind-blew me right through my fvckin head was, the Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. He was so damn sharp, intuitive yet bald! You should've been amazed by how he saved the goal from Neymar's head. Crazy brilliant.

But the best safe happened on 85'. Brazil earned a corner, the ball flew right to the captain's head in front of the goal -seriously in front of the goal, in front of the keeper!- and the unbelievable Ochoa managed to block it anyway. Even from such point-blank range, God, he's something!!

I knew from the start that Mexico
Would be a total pain in the ass for Brazil,
But I never thought they could be this handful!

Yes he can!

Wow, I was totally amazed. Fvckin speechless. I don't think I ever felt so much amused watching a draw match like this. So entertaining from the very beginning. Of course, hats off to Ochoa. And take a bow to Mexico. For me, they won the match. 11 against 60.011, that's crazy amazing!

Best 0 - 0 tie game ever!
Way so much more entertaining
Than matches with too many goals.
And thanks to them too, now I realized
That goalkeepers can't be taken for granted.

Gracias a ti, México!

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