Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beyond Saving Goals

As a part of World Cup 2014 closing posts,
I think it's just the time to have a tribute

To the best goalkeepers.

Let's save time about how astonishing goalkeepers are in this World Cup, by quoting one of the best living football players -whose tweets and stuff were really becoming my enlightenment along the cup- that I looked after

"The quality of goalkeeping at this World Cup has been extraordinarily high." -- Gary Lineker

See huh? All these times, I didn't say it just by basing on my naked thoughts about football--even a pro agreed to what I thought! Man, I really have to actually go to Mr Lineker and show all my analysis towards the World Cup, who knows he'll make me his apprentice.


From Beto to Fernando Muslera, Claudio Bravo to Diego Benaglio, lots of crazy goalkeepers appearing in this World Cup are... Crazy. Like seriously, they played well! Lots of matches ended up with no score, or tied, but then those kind of matches were a hell lot more entertaining because the keepers are... Crazy!!

Out of those many good keepers, of course, I have a set of GKs I favorited.

Ecuadorian Alexander Dominguez and Nigerian Vincent Enyeama are two that I like from the underdog teams. I saw Dominguez's great game against France, and Enyeama's best game was against, oh what are the odds, France as well! One more from the underdogs, that now has become the whole world's dear, is Keylor Navas. He's just plain good.

Pic's from here, here and here

From moderate team, I vote for, who else, but Guillermo Ochoa. His game against Brazil, was like the one giving me the 'slap in the face' made me realize that this World Cup's goalkeepers are crazy asses. While out of keepers from top teams, duh I don't wanna be seemed too shallow and mainstream but, my fave one is like everybody else's fave one. Manuel Neuer. Oh but in my defense, I adored him since 2010, especially after I explored that he was born on March 27th. Yes, we shared the same birth date and that's the reason why I like him.

Ochoa's pic's from here, Neuer's from here

But then, it's not called 'favorite' if I have many that I like. So I made a decision that I do have one goalkeeper that I like the most. The one that truly won my heart by giving such crazy, constant game from the very beginning to the day he lost. Lost with dignity, because he also stole everybody else's heart. Yes, I made tons of posts about him so you might've known, it's

Tim Howard

Tim's pic, from here

Sick. Really.

I think I said this before, but who cares I'm gonna say it again:
Your performances, my idols, really altered my perceptions about goalkeepers.

Before this, goalkeepers are something I -and probably most watchers in the entire globe- took for granted. You don't do much. The best you can do is just preventing your team from losing, not to drive your squad to winning. But now, I see it differently.

Your roles remain the same: conducting saves, not attacks. But the saves you made, could actually boost your team mates to produce. Keepers don't literally score goals, but your passion move everybody else to want to score goals.

I realized that in the match of USA vs Belgium, where Tim Howard's saves could actually gave spirit to Julian Green's closing goal. Then I was so sure about everything after Brazil vs Germany, where Julio Cesar's devastation led to more conceded goals from Germany and lacking of goals to Germany.


Thanks guys for making this cup so different.
Thank you all for bringing it to a whole new level.
You didn't just save your goal, your match, your team,
You also saved my excitement

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