Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Round of 16 (Unexpected Teams)

This World Cup now, seriously, argh I can't even describe!

The underdogs remained wild! Five out of six big-team-versus-moderate-team matches went really tough. I repeat, FIVE!!! The other one was even flipped: the unfavorited team won over the high up in the sky one -talking about Colombia against Uruguay. The other two matches are moderate versus moderate, which Costa Rica by luck won against Greece, while Belgium and USA is entering their second round.

So yeah, I'm still mind-blown by the fact that those mediocre teams could give a hell of a game for them big nations. Chile, Mexico, Nigeria, Algeria and Switzerland. All five of them really caused pains in the asses of Brazil, Netherlands, France, Germany and Argentina. All five matches were so offensive/defensive at the same time, lack of goals, full of revenge-scorings. Three matches proceeded to the extra time, and one ended up with penalty shootout.

Boo ya, guys, you didn't win my heart at all

Those winning teams, to be honest, I prayed for their loses -especially Brazil and Argentina, of course. I mean, c'mon, they're big and full of talented players already, it's getting boring I want to see new teams crowding the semifinal rounds. And seeing them taking pains in trying to beat their opponents which world -and God- knows were technically weaker, pft, they lost my respect.

Therefore my voice ran to those who were not the favorites. Which means that all teams I supported on those five matches, yes they went home. But then at the end of each match, I always felt satisfied and proud, gave the best rounds of my applause and took my hats off for those five teams.

They're extraordinarily entertaining.
And it's crushing my heart to see them sad.

For me personally, you guys were all the winners

See, my heart is vacant now, after England left. It's easier for me since I can now support whoever I want, in each game. But then I think I have no interest in cheering for big teams so, it's now either Colombia as the one who'll be against Brazil, Costa Rica as Group D alumni, or USA if they win over Belgium after this.

This is getting much more exciting.
Nobody, even real analysts, and pros,
Can predict what will happen in each game.
This World Cup is sick!!!

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