Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I don't know if I told you this but, in this World Cup -yes it's about World Cup again, you like it or not, this euphoria will last at least until two weeks post final match- goalkeepers are like, DAMN GOOD!

I have a plan to talk about the overall goalkeepers, but not now.
This time, I'd love to give a tribute to one of my favorites.

Last night's game. Belgium vs USA.
The last game of the second round of WC2014.
I witnessed something that escalated my adoration towards GKs.

I've been served many good performances of goalkeepers since the very first match. But his game last night, I mean, the value it had as the last game of the round of 16, it was just, emotionally dramatic. He was like singlehandedly facing Belgium. All ten of those players. Attacking since the second minute, intermittently, intensively, long haul or short. But Tim swept everything off the goal.

The god made 16 incredible saves.
The most saves in a World Cup, over 50 years.
The only reason US was still alive, survived til the extra time.

No wonder why Americans were so damn hysterical last night. Twitter was so busy, full of applauds and positive jokes about Howard's blocks and saves. Lol ya, I checked the worldwide timeline regularly. One of the best joke was that name "Tim Howard" should be given to one of US states, replacing one of the Dakotas. Well, forget the Americans. Even I, who has zero relationship with Tim, was driven crazy seeing him last night. I kept convincing myself that he'd definitely be the man of the match. And he was.

No hyperbolic tones added, but that was really a crazy ass game. Aside of Howard's outstanding saves, the second goal from Belgian Lukaku and the revenge goal of American Green were totally meant to be the peak climax and the best closure of not only the match itself, but the round of 16 as a whole.

Crazy satisfying, really.
Sweet survival from the US, really-er.
And lunatic performance, Tim Howard, really-est.

Even Kompany knelt.

The round of 16 has officially ended. Very smooth.
And the ending was the sweetest

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