Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Rising Underdogs

You might got bored already reading word "underdog" in this blog. To be honest, I am too. But what can I do, this World Cup has surprisingly highlighted underdogs team like I never seen before!

Each of Chile, Nigeria, Algeria, Switzerland and USA -oh God, USA, I missed them already- gave too much things to be handled by their match-mate. Great games happened when small teams met big ones, when we got to see like Brazil, Uruguay, France, Germany and Argentina were like working their asses off to show that they were big. But the greatest game was, when underdogs met each other. Costa Rica vs Greece, Belgium vs USA. The last match was even too good to be missed.

Then proceed to the quarter final round.
Only Colombia, Costa Rica and Belgium survived.

Once again, all three out of four matches, that has underdogs in it, turned to be extraordinarily awesome -the other match consisting big teams France and Germany, apparently, damn dead. Not even one big team facing those three, could win easily. Brazil should lost Neymar, and Argentina, well, for me they won by luck. Even Netherlands, one team that has clean sheets over the first rounds they played, should be forced to play extra time and ended up in the penalty shoot-out against Costa Rica.

Costa Rica.

I should've been so mad at this team. They were also one of reasons why England couldn't go on to the next round. But I forgot about dramas in Group D already. Logic over emotion. They actually played well. The captain was capable, the manager was crafted, the keeper was--oh, the keeper. I don't know what else to say, I talked too much about too many too good keepers in this World Cup. Maybe this screenshot could describe how I felt.

Costa Rica.

Trapped in one of the hell group, eventually became the hell itself. They can even proceed further than any of their group mates which were all European giants. And their game last night, which started really slow and dull, but ended up with a massive climax, marked the rising of underdogs.

Another match suited the end of the round. Too sweet.

They who you didn't even see before. Pic's from here.

It all started in the round of 16, and ended up last night.

With Costa Rica leaving, all four semifinalists now are big teams you might've predicted to crowd the last two stages of the tournament. Could turn to be boring like France versus Germany two days ago, but since it's the semi final round and host country Brazil is also there, things would be somewhat interesting.

What a cup. 60 games full of underdogs giving surprises.
I hope the phenomenon's not only occurred in this World Cup.
It's really, tremendously amazing to see teams you took for granted,
Show their true colors and give a hell of a game to big clubs you favorite.
Excitement I never expected from football

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