Sunday, July 11, 2010

Off to Battle

The biggest match is coming.
Many people must have been waiting for this.

Me too, but... not really.
Because by seeing this match,
means that this event will end up soon.

But the show must go on, buddy.
The new champion will be born tonight.

At Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg
Match 64, The Final Round
Netherlands vs Spain

Why do I use their pictures? cause I'm longing for their best performance. Both of them, for me, haven't shown their true ability in this World Cup.

Okay, Van Persie's scored a goal. But his play isn't as good as others like Arjen Robben or Wesley Sneijder. And recently, through an unskilled-football-playing-boy's vision of mine, Van Persie played somehow... cruel. Yeah, something like unfair play he played. Not only him anyway, but almost the whole members of Holland. But among others, he's the worst one.

While Fernando Torres... I don't know what's wrong, but he's totally nothing in this World Cup. People said that it's because his injury or what. Oh God, I hope he's got miracles so he'll be playing better than anyone else tonight.

Wait, I got something else that i'm craving.

As I told before, Villa's one step ahead to the golden boots. Meeting Sneijder will be an absolutely magnificent duel between them. They both have scored 5 goals. And in addition, Thomas Muller of Germany and Diego Forlan of Uruguay both do the same. Since the last two names can't add some more goals, it's time for Villa and Sneijder to do the "goal-racing" and show the world who deserves the golden boot.

Well, this is it.
The last match of the event.
And i'm speechless...

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