Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chocolate Blend And Friends... What a Bless!

Yesterday I spent my time at J.Co alone. Haha, that was a total peaceful moment for me. Having Choco Forest and holding iPod on each hand, I enjoyed that so much. But several times after, Mpi Dindut and Ali came to join.

It was a very short meeting for sure
But I don't know why, I felt somehow...

Well, I think I miss high school already


  1. cieeeeee satisfied hahaha. pasti seneng banget deh ketemu sama qyuuuu :)

  2. untuk kali ini, jawabannya iya. tapi jangan salah, kalo kemaren sendirian aja gue juga ngerasa satisfied kok yeeee haha

  3. boooong!!!!!! pasti rasanya hampa. pas ketemu kita bertiga baru lo seneng yakanyakan? ngaku lo!!