Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Play Soccer? No! Watch One? Yes!!

Sorry it's about World Cup again... Well I just can't stop thinking about this thing since it's almost over so... Enjoy.

Well. Semi final round. It's soooooooo exciting cause as I said, three of them are my favorites. But instead of talking about Netherlands vs Uruguay, I prefer the other one.

Durban Stadium, Durban
Wednesday, July 7th 2010
8:30 pm Local Time

Germany vs Spain

Gosh, this will be a big one. I do like them both. And each of them have their own points that make me confused of which one to be cheered when score goals later on.

But overall, I'm still on Spain. Why? Because Spain had never ever won the World Cup. This is the main and the strongest point for me. Though they're not my national team, I'm surely excited if they could win this event.

Geez, I'm acting like I know everything about soccer. In fact, I know nothing. And have no interest to play that.

"Well, no worries of what others think.
I am what I am, and I am proud of what I am."

So, Germany or Spain?
I don't know but
Good luck, you two!

again and again, all images belong to www.zimbio.com
wow, i wholeheartedly thank them for this

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