Monday, July 12, 2010

So Long, South Africa!

"Watch the World Cup on Intersport"
-Fernando Torres-

Familiar with that phrase?
Yes, we catch that almost on all June and early July nights.
But not again, now...

The World Cup has finally done.
Phew, that was a big event for sure.
Now it's about to be vanished.
All the things involved.


I'll be missing this so bad.

I'll be missing the "Wavin' Flag" and "Waka Waka"
I'll be missing the Vuvuzela buzzing stadiums
I'll be missing the "sounds of africa" tagged posts of mine
I'll be missing my clipping things
I'll be missing the late night tweets
I'll be missing the whole advertisements on both tv channel
I'll be missing the slow motion rewinds
I'll be missing the dubbings by commentators
I'll be missing the it-is-dedicated-only-for-you-my-nation goal celebrations
I'll be missing the World Cup widget and header of my blog
I'll be missing the time when I'm asked about today's matches
I'll be missing the look-I-am-on-tv shouts by supporters
I'll be missing the time when I stay up late and off to sleep on 3.30 am
I'll be missing to access the South Africa tracker app from my iPod
I'll be missing the time when I'm asked about last night's match result
I'll be missing to give live reports


Haha, that's me
When I'm really into some events, I'll be thrilled like crazy
And when it's ended up, I'll be sad like gloomy

4 years
Won't be that long
I'll wait

And I hope... I do hope I'll be a welfare man in 2014
So I'll be able to watch the World Cup live on the host country in 2018


And everybody will be singing it
And we all will be singing it

Farewell, World Cup
We all will be singing again in 2014

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