Monday, July 5, 2010

Bye, You Three

For me, the world cup had reached the highest conflict.
Why? Because

"Portugal, Brazil and Argentina had blown away, and each of them was beaten by my favorite teams; Spain, Netherlands and Germany."

And you know what the best part is? Those three teams I like, made it to the semi final match! Gosh, I'm so excited. Whoever of those semi finalists wins, excluding Uruguay of course, will make ma happy. But still, I hope for Spain the most.

Talk about Portugal, Brazil and Argentina, if you read my blog frequently you must know this phrase, "Oh How I Hate Them!" -well if you don't, just click here.

Okay. I'm a kind of a kind guy. Seriously no kidding, I never like seeing somebody looks sad. Well sometimes I make somebody sad, but I can't stand seeing them sad.

And being knocked out on the World Cup match... They're kinds of heartless men of course, if they don't feel any sadness. But they did feel it.

Oh cheer up guys, I was just kidding. You're bright, you're skillful and you're still so young that there are lots more tournament you can work on and try to.

But you're done for the World Cup 2010.
See you guys in 2014 then

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