Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stay Away You Predator

Lately I've always been waiting for the newest news of Mesut Ozil. Yeah, that guy from Germany. The most obedient moslem footballer I've ever heard -the strongest reason why I'm waiting for his news.

Rumor says that it'll be Chelsea, Manchester United or Manchester City, the next club he'll be playing for after Bremen. Okay pick everything! Whatever, but Barcelona.

I'm sick of that club. After buying Villa, they keep hunting Fabregas. Now I don't know for sure where Fabregas will go. And yesterday, I heard from the radio, that this red-purple-stripes -or red-blue-stripes? naah, don't care- will try to approach Ozil no matter what.

Oh man, please. Those are my favorites. Okay you can grab Villa and Fabregas, but don't you even dare to steal Ozil. You're way too strong already so what more do you expect?

Haha, kinda confused why I hate Barcelona? Well, because they got him

- I never ever like him -

Please Barcelona
Don't be greedy


  1. jadi tak sabar liat kakak messi main bola,,,hahaha

  2. waduh, fans messi nih ceritanya?