Thursday, July 17, 2014

Obrigado, Brazil

I promise, this is my last post about World Cup 2014.
Somehow I gotta stop and move on with my life.

But I'm sure it's gonna be hard.

Maybe I told you, World Cup has always been a special occasion to me. I was crazy upset after Italy finished celebrating in Germany 2006, or after Spain called it a day in South Africa 2010. And without a doubt, I am still so down at the time I'm typing this.

Moreover, this World Cup has been pretty distinct to me.
In terms of enjoying the real game of football.

I remember the last World Cup in South Africa, I owned this blog already and I did just the same: kept posting this and that about what happened along the cup. But then as I re-read it this year, I could just smile and pity my old self. It was exciting, and rich. But on some level, boring. Because I was watching the cup emotionally.

I stuck myself to one team I supported from day one. Riding the same roller coaster with the same 23 men from match to match, stage to stage, I barely watched other games. I did followed up the other matches, but only with big teams in it. Until finally my team went home as the champion, I felt satisfied because they won. Not because I enjoyed the whole cup.

But this year,

This year's World Cup was not even as rousing as the one in South Africa. I didn't even feel the euphoria until the opening ceremony really started. And people seemed to be more moved hearing "Waka Waka" than "We Are One" -as Pitbull's fan, this sucks. But despite the world's poor excitement towards this cup, I, on the other hand, eventually thought that this was the best World Cup I ever watched in my life. Because I was watching the cup logically.

Observing each game's true essence, players and techniques, gave me a whole new perception in enjoying football. And the fact that the most entertaining fights didn't only come from big teams, damn, it was just the right timing for me. I swear I never screamed that loud, by only watching teams like USA and Belgium. Get it? USA? Belgium? In 2010, I'd leave them to bed and just wait for the result the next morning.


No matter how logical I'm trying to be, once the cup finished, I'll be ended up heart broken, and be upset anyway. Well I still get to see cool football matches tho, hello, Liverpool will be on Champions League this season! But then, it'll only be my personal consumption.

No more tweeting with each nations hashtags so it'll appear in the worldwide timeline and random people from random countries will retweet or even favorite my thoughts, or, posting stuff in this blog, publish it on Google Plus and suddenly dozens of people +1'd my writing, making it accessible to the whole globe and international flags will appear in my blog traffic instead of just Indonesian flag, or, texting my Israeli friend who lives in the US, telling him "I can't believe you didn't even trust your own squad while I'm like, here, adoring your keeper!?" or constantly texting my German friend with the same damn messages like "oh wow, congrats, your team made it to the next round..." literally ALL CUP LONG, wow! It's just, after this... No more worldwide shared consumption.

Oh well.

This World Cup itself, has been a worldwide experience for me personally. Worldwide celebration of my own. I don't really have to be there in Brazil to feel this, or be with someone with the nationality of one of this cup's contestants. I don't even need my national football team to enter the cup so I can join the euphoria!

Everybody can put whoever's flag in the sky,
Wave them side to side, show where they're from,
Or at least, show where they send their supports to.

This just shows how diverse we are, but despite that,
At the end of the day we sit the same way, watch the same thing.

Don't know the source, but it's not mine

That's just the beauty of World Cup.
And how I always liked the impact.

Thank you, FIFA.

I'll see you again when I'm 26

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