Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sorry a Little

One of the final matches had occurred:
The fight to sign which asses to be the second runner up of the cup.

Between Netherlands, and heart-broken host Brazil
Saturday, July 12 2014 - Estádio Nacional de Brasilia, Brasília

Sorry to use your pic again, David Luiz, but this one was so strong...

Lol ya the pic answered it all.
Brazil broke their heart again.
By losing the third place.

Let's not talk technical. It's really obvious that Brazil been proceeding up to the semi final round, was purely driven by luck. From the very beginning, from the day I bought my guide book for FIFA World Cup 2014 and got exposed to Brazilian squad for the first time, I was like, "hell no, I know no one from here but Julio Cesar and Maicon -which were too old and not too important- and Neymar -which was too young and too depended on."

And then there they went. Got out as the group winner, because their group mates were all underdogs, struggled really hard to survive second round by meeting Chile and Colombia, and eventually got kicked in the ass by Germany. I knew it was only the matter of time, and the matter of their match, that would finally stop them and show the world that Brazil will never give a good competition.

I'm sorry, that my curse for you lasted too long.
You guys couldn't even fight well for the 3rd place.

But then...

The bigger sorry I felt last night,
Is the fact that I didn't become

The supporter of Netherlands.

They were like one good candidate I'd picked before I finally ended up with England. But their first game--their first major winning game against Spain made me avoid picking them because I didn't want people to label me as a supporter who supported based on victories. Lol what a stupid reason.

Let's not talk technical, again. It's definitely obvious that the Dutch has been on fire since beating Spain. They only found it pretty handful against Costa Rica and Argentina, and eventually lost against La Albiceleste not because they sucked. It was totally unfortunate and penalty shootout couldn't necessarily show that they were losers.

They emotionally won my heart. All 23 players, which I now happen to be familiar with. Oh and about this, yea, at first I was questioning, how in the world could I be like, knowing each and every single Dutch players?? And then just last night, I found the answer.

Apparently, Louis van Gaal has been playing fair to his squad. He gave all players at least a chance to play in this World Cup. Last night, on last minutes before the final whistle blew, he switched the main goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen with the substitute keeper who hasn't played at all in Brazil. As Michel Vorm got on pitch, the commentator said that now all 23 man squad of Netherlands' has played for World Cup 2014. And I was getting major goosebumps.

Never felt so respectful to a manager before. Pic's from here.

What a class, Mr van Gaal.

Now thanks to you, the biggest part of sorry I felt by not supporting Netherlands, was because I couldn't completely feel your magical touch of coaching the squad. You showed us that managing football is not just about skills and strategy, which you've been showing all cup long, but it's all about emotions and relationship, which you just dramatically summed up last night.

I'm sorry I wasted your actual performance.
Because I was amazed by the squad you crafted.
But that's okay, as we all will get to see you again soon,

In England

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