Friday, July 4, 2014

Battle of Pride

Finally, 2 days without a match had over.
And tonight, one big match I've been longing for

Will take place.

Brazil vs Colombia
FIFA World Cup 2014 Quarter final
- Estádio Castelão, Fortaleza -

Okay so why is it big for me?
Because out of the remaining eight contestants,
One big team I'd reeeally love to see losing, and
One other team I'm cheering my last supports for,
Are playing.

You do know which one that I want them to go, yes? It's Brazil. And why on earth now Colombia became my favorite? Because I lost England long ago, then I lost Algeria, Switzerland and the most heartbreaking one was losing USA. You see that aside of England, my vote always went to the dark horses. Now that the remaining underdogs are only Columbia, Belgium and Costa Rica, with the fact that Belgium turned USA down -which means that they became my enemy too- and Costa Rica's way too underdog, so Colombia it is.

But there's one more reason.

We'll get to see a very sweet performance of one young rising star. He's 22. From the yellow-jersey-ed team. Had scored more than 3 goals now. Lol I'm not talking about Neymar, ewh, I'm talking about James Rodriguez. And yes, that's what makes this match beyond awesome:
The battle of Neymar vs Rodriguez.

I should've been jealous of them. They're my age but they outshine all 22 year old boys around the world. Combined. I'm not saying that I'm below them, although the fact obviously said so, but hey, there are some things I'm good at that they're not. We'll see about that, next month :)

So yeah, the battle of 22 year olds.
Taylor Swift would be so proud of this.

It's Neymar, V(icky')S(here!), Rodriguez!

Clearly I'm on Rodriguez's side.
But then whoever wins, this jealousy
Won't ever be completely off

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