Saturday, July 5, 2014

No More 22

So Brazil made a spot to quarter final round.
The battle of Neymar and Rodriguez reached its end.

Despite the fact that Brazil won, for me James kicked Neymar's ass. He really showed how a 22 year old football player should play. Still so reckless, and impatient, but that's okay it's so normal for a 22. He earned global respect, and even applauds from Brazil squad and crowd. He was just the man.

But Brazil going on, and Colombia going home,
No shining 22s left that we can see in this World Cup.
Because Neymar was literally got kicked on the ass--back.

It was so unfortunate.

Aside the hatred I grow towards him and Brazil, this is just not how I want him to exit the tournament. I expected him to leave the cup disappointed, not hurt, like what happened to those I hated 4 years ago. Lol that sentence just made me sound like a cold-hearted psycho, didn't it!?!?

Can't believe I'm saying this but, sorry that you're out, Neymar.
Pic's from here.

This malice won't be the same without Neymar.
Actually I still have Thiago Silva to hate. But he's 29.
It's so not gonna be the same

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