Monday, July 14, 2014

Something Better Than Just Revenge

So Germany won the 20th World Cup.
Pretty obvious since they have the best team.


Unlike Portugal who depended on Cristiano Ronaldo, nor Brazil who worshiped too much on Neymar, nor even Argentina who put everything in the shoulder of Lionel Messi. No matter how best-player-in-the-whole-globe he could be, playing single-handed against 11 players, he's just a flea everybody refers him as.

But after all, hats off to Argentina tho. They gave a heck of a game last night for Germany. It wasn't easy at all so Mario Goetze could score such beautiful goal. Damn right it was that beautiful to me. Stopped by chest, flew down to the kicking area then the shoot rocketed straight to the leftternmost side of the net. Crazy sweet.

But you know what is sweeter?


Years ago, back to 1986, when Germany was still called "West Germany", they met Argentina on the final match in Mexico. Diego Maradona was captaining the team when he brought his nation out as the winner. What does it have to do with this World Cup's winner, it's so fvckin long time ago!? Hold on, gangster!? That's not the frikkin reason of the revenge, West Germany won the cup against Argentina anyway, 4 years later, so that revenge had been paid in the lapse of just one cup.

It's Diego Maradona I'm talking about, that should feel the pain of revenge. Four years ago, when he coached Argentina, he arrogantly misplaced Thomas Mueller with a ball boy. Come to think of it, this is so ridiculous. Aside the fact that Argentina this time lost to Germany with Mueller in it, the 24 years old German himself now has scored more World Cup goals than Maradona. And giving at his age, he can even surpass his senior Miroslav Klose and be the all-time FIFA World Cup Top Scorers on the upcoming cup.

Shame on you, Mr Legend.

I can't find any other pic of them, but this one's strong enough eh?

Oh, where are you going? I'm not finished.
That's not the only revenge Germany completed last night.

Do you remember about the final match of World Cup 2002? It was the last time Germany could go to the final round. It was also the first World Cup Miroslav Klose played for Germany. And they were tragically beaten by Brazil. It sucked for both Germany and of course, Klose.

But he made it this year.
Revenge is sweet.

It's not a big deal and a significant revenge actually, but could beat Brazil in this World Cup semifinal in front of their public, and on the same time broke the top scorer record which was held by Brazilian player Ronaldo, then on top of all, be the champion of the cup hosted in Brazil... Those were tremendously more than enough. 

Moreover, this could be his last World Cup because he's now 36, and lol do you think he'll want to be the oldest player in Russia? Could fulfill his personal revenge, be the all-time top scorer and had his nation be the world champion for his last cup, the closure is just too sugary for Klose.

I'm so glad I witnessed everything he did.
He's a living legend and will always be talked about.

The pic's from here

What an ending.
It's beyond just a revenge.
It's double revenge

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