Thursday, July 10, 2014

Host Going Home

I know it's late. Past two days already.
But yesterday was all about Indonesian politic so...

Let's talk about Brazil today.

You knew that David Luiz in this pic is not praying for gratefulness right?

You know. I know. We all know, lol who wouldn't have known?
Their tragic lost in Mineirão for their semi final match against Germany.

Technicallity, the defense was so damn poor. Not having Thiago Silva as both defenders and captain really wrecked Brazil to the bones -even for me, was the main reason of Brazil's loss, not because of no Neymar. But with him around, I still am doubting Brazil could win. Because they been playing really dull since the very beginning. I was so sure after I watched them against Mexico. And it was Germany, for God's sake. They won't ever continue to the final with Germany's current squad.

But that's just not it. They were also mentally ruined. Depended too much on Neymar, physically, and emotionally. They made Neymar's injury too big a deal. Dramatized. To be honest, I didn't see any crucial role Neymar had made so far. Only some goals, so what? Alexis Sanchez and Bryan Ruiz could be considered giving much important roles for their own team, although scored less goals than Neymar.

They broke their own mental, being disturbed by issues which isn't even that big. Neymar is too much praised so people can't just see that him being not around, is actually okay.

See I'm hating him again.

Oh sometimes I'm wondering. Did I hate Brazil and Neymar too much that karma gave me such over-handful loss for both? I repeat, for both! Not only Brazil, nor only Neymar, but both! I did want Brazil to be out of the cup because they have Neymar. It was enough already with Neymar's absence -although I didn't actually ask for his injury- but the squad stripped naked in front of their public?

2 - 1 or 3 - 1 would be enough already.
No one would ever expect it to be 7 - 1.
Ya maybe they just lost their magical touch.

I remember I cried like a broken hearted beau when Brazil was defeated by France back in Germany 2006. This is 7 times harder for their supporters. And on top of all, they are actually Brazilian supporters. So many pictures of Brazilian crowd shedding tears aired online, even from the first round. The whole stadium was filled with sobs. Too dreadful, and heartbreaking.


Who am I to judge. Scolari must've had his own consideration for everything. It just, turned out to be one of the wrongest decisions in Brazilian football history.

I'm sorry guys, you had to face that crap.
I did want you to get the fvck out of the cup.

Too much heartbreaking tears and emotions, this struck me right in the heart.

But seriously, this was
Not the way I wanted

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