Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Think It Must be True Love

I think.

I don't have enough desire to look for other teams to cheer upon.

England's officially out.

"If Italy win two games and England hammer Costa Rica, they will
qualify for the last 16 of the World Cup. But the hope has gone."

So my analysis was completely right.
It's just the reality went the other way.

After Costa Rica's surprising victory against Italy. With two winning games, the underdog turned to be the group's winner. Leaving Italy and Uruguay with a death match they'll be facing for the upcoming game, and England in the exit.

Yaa, with Italy and Uruguay each earned one loss (from Costa Rica) and one victory (from England), one of them will definitely go on to the round of 16, sidekick-ing Costa Rica. Even if the match end up draw, Italy will go because they have ONE goal difference more than Uruguay. England, on the other hand, even if they win big time against Costa Rica, with their two loses, they'll never make it...

So yeah. I don't have enough desire to look for other teams to cheer upon.

This was the fastest romantic story ever happened to me. Within a week I decided to choose England over many other possible options, be in my peak of love when I found out that England's consisting of many fine footballers, suffered another lost but survived by hope, and eventually got myself in a real heartbreaking situation.

All in just seven exact days, one single week.

But I know now that England's just the team. I've been searching through three World Cups but never had I found emotional relationship as strong as the one I put in England. I don't know, maybe because of Liverpool?

Lol I know I'm not that maniac with Liverpool tho.
But I know, I exactly know how it feels when I'm in love.

That's why I don't have enough desire to look for other teams to cheer upon. I'm stuck in England, and probably will always stuck with them for the rest of the World Cup I will ever watch. This is love, I'm talking about.

Now for this World Cup, I will definitely cheer for every single team who has a match against either Argentina, Portugal or Brazil -because I simply hate them and certain players they have- OR, Costa Rica, Italy or Uruguay -because you know why.

Ya I still have reasons why I need to keep watching World Cup 2014.
It's a globally-celebrated-once-in-four-years fiesta, for God's sake,
I'm not gonna waste it just because my fave team's gone!

Yesterday I was so optimistic, Roo, but Costa Rica screwed us all. Pic's from here.

Oh, England...

They still have one match left, against the group leader.
People claimed that it's mathematically impossible for them.
But fuck math I'm still gonna watch anyway, if it's even aired.
Science is nothing if love works

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