Saturday, June 14, 2014


Day two has just passed.
All teams of two groups had played.

Then I got to see some good teams performed.
Brazil. Mexico. Netherlands. Spain. Australia.
But still, I don't know who to support.

Definitely not Brazil. They're the hosting team. Too much benefit for them. Not Spain either. Well, not because they surprisingly lost their first game, no. But more because they're the winning team. Too much euphoria, and pressure at the same time. As well as too much stars in it. This thing could be good, but on some other level, having too many good players could be a boomerang.

I was thinking about Netherlands long before 2014 even came. But now that the Dutch won last game, it got me rethinking. It could seem too shallow, you know, people might think that I suddenly call them simply because they played good last night, lol, c'mon I'm not that blind about football. Australia seems fun to be with tho, but gotta be honest and be realistic, I get to find a team with good future haha. And my idol Harry Kewell's no longer in the team so, maybe not.

Never in the world, would I be thinking about Argentina or Portugal HAHA, no. As long as they still have Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in their squad, I'll be always cheering for the other team. Even if it's Malaysia. This hatred towards them, will never be off the table.


It's now down to Germany or England. Or France.
But no, I'm thinking about Germany or England.

Germany. Oh, Germany. They always brought us surprise with new talents they revealed in each World Cup. Remember how Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose amazed their own nation and the whole globe with their nice stuff in 2006? Or Thomas Müller and Mesut Özil in 2010? And Özil, oh Özil... I've always adored him because, ya, simply because he's a moslem.

Now England. Actually I have not much reasons to go with England. It's just, I feel like I owe too much to Liverpool. I abandoned them for the whole season, missed how they made it through the second place which I never expected! And, I turned them off by choosing Pitbull over them when both came here in Indonesia last year... It's just, I feel like I owe too much to them. Especially to Steven Gerrard.

A guy I never thought I'd adore so much.
The most loyal human being on earth I ever known.

And this could be his last World Cup.

Wish the best for you now, Sir, and oh! Pic's from here.

I think I just made my decision.
England it is

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