Friday, June 27, 2014

Adeus, Ogyam!

I was actually preparing this post if US was sent home.
But apparently, the squad succeeded to go to the round of 16.

So goodbyes were wished to

Ghana & Portugal
Group G

A game to send both home. Sad. Pic's from here.

Ghana was surprisingly... Surprising! I mean, they were inconsistent. Supposed to be one good team, but they lost against the US. Hopes were raising high when they could do a draw match against one strong team Germany. But then last night, they were ruined. I want to blame the referee, because, I don't know, he seemed to do an unfair service. Until Ghana's true devastation happened as the own goal made. Duh, tragic.

And Portugal, if I could I wouldn't want to talk about them in this touching post. But I get to keep the uniformity tho, I talked about Spain as the other loser of Group B so, I have to talk about Portugal too as the loser of Group G. But that's okay because I'd love to say, "EAT THAT!" Well, not to all of them, but to Cristiano Ronaldo, personally.

Lol I don't know why I hate him too much. He's just too overwhelmed, too overexposed. The whole squad was like having no choice but to give all the chances, all the trusts, in his shoulder. But then what, he only scored one goal. Against Ghana who was already mentally dropped. I'm just so happy that he's gone.

As for Portugal itself, well, their walk to going back home was actually shattering for me. The peak was when their keeper Beto was forced to retreat. He insisted not to go, but then he was benched. And cried. A very masculine, buffed and bearded tall guy, crying like a little girl. I'm not mocking. I'm respecting him instead. It was even the most touching scene I ever seen so far in World Cup 2014.

I know what those tears were for. Disappointment.
His stubbornness and resistance not to be substituted,

You owned my heart now Sir.

Pics are from here and here.

Well. Nice games. Both of you.
You didn't deserve to go home, Ghana.
You actually didn't either, Portugal. And I'm sorry.
I don't think I will ever like your Prince Charming Ronaldo.

I'll see you guys in four years from now
With more of my appreciation and stuff.
And oh, of course, more hatred for CR.

Mah Krow, Amigo!

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