Friday, June 20, 2014

Hope's G(on)e

Duh, it was a tough match to watch last night. England vs. Uruguay.
I don't even have the desire to make a beautiful opening like I always do.

I was totally heart-broken. Not only because England lost two games out of two. But also because I realized I'm surrounded with stupid ignorant people who think that they're noted football commentators, but they're not! They're just talking empty bullshit.

Hear me out, people.
I'm not the biggest fan of football,
But I don't take things and facts for granted.
England is not going home after last night's game.

I deliberated with myself,
And came up with a sharp and legit analysis as follows:
You see on Group D, each of Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay possess 3 points with Italy and Costa Rica will be playing tonight. In order to get England proceed to the next round, we have to wish that Italy win both the match against Costa Rica and Uruguay, so they'll earn full points of 9. It'll leave Costa Rica and Uruguay with each 3 points, IF ONLY England can beat Costa Rica on the upcoming match.

And by 'beat', is not just a simple 'beat'. England needs to win big time and score tons of goals so out of three teams with each 3 points, England will finish on the second place with the highest number of goals difference.

Hmm, I'm getting good at this. I should start considering of joining a football analyst team. Haha kidding. Phew I trashed enough already. I think it's time to go now--Oh wait!

I got one more thing to say.

Don't you ever blame our Captain Gerrard for Suarez's second goal last night.

Did you even know how under-pressured he could be on that time? Could you even feel how handful he was, getting the whole team together and the whole nation's hope was on your shoulder? Or hey, let's talk technicallity. Could you even control such long-way coming ball only by your head, with the other team's players around you??

DON'T YOU fvckin criticize a blunder made by somebody on the pitch! They're watched, they're intimidated by the watchers, and they simply couldn't take control of every single thing!! Would you even do better if you were them??

Gosh. I can't believe how those dirty words of disappointment could even come from such regular fans who know almost nothing about football and the players... Especially if it's a girl, dude, bitch off! You don't even watch football aside of the World Cup, what do you know??

Lol ya that's football.
And this is World Cup.

Sudden fans and analysts showed up everywhere like they know everything about football. I'm one of them, but I know my limit. And all my thoughts are based on hopes.

Don't worry, Captain, we still got your back. Pic's from here.

Ya, hope. That was just ruined.
But that's okay, there's still a way.
Because even within a devastated hope
There's still the word 'hope'

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