Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Arrivederci, Lads!

More teams gone.
It's time to say more goodbyes.

Italy & England
Group D

Pic's from here.

Aside the fact that Italy beat England, I was actually into the team. I put so much hopes towards them. Beating Costa Rica so England could still have a mini chance to get into the second round, but they didn't manage to do that. Beating Uruguay so England's grudge would be paid off, still they didn't manage to do that. They played tremendously good, but not good enough for a World Cup. And after last night, after the referee's unfair decisions, after the red card for Claudio Marchisio, after Suarez's biting scene, they got my respect. And Uruguay made themselves a bitch I'd really love to slap.

While England...

You know England was the team of my choice. They didn't play amazing games, no, but they seemed much stronger than usual. I could sense that from their very first game, against Italy. And both of their loses were actually not big a deal. I mean, they were losing only one goal from each team they were lost to. Still, I know, it didn't show how England is actually qualified for further stages.

But I just can't stop thinking about Steven Gerrard. This World Cup could be his last one. I was kinda hoping England could go at least to semi-final, makes their Captain feel like brand new. Fired up. Ecstatic. Well that's okay. Liverpool's on the Champions League next season. I'll get to see him crushing like his young days on that tournament. Hopefully.

See you later, Captain Gerrard. Pic's from here.

After all, nice games. Both of you.
You've done enough for the revenge, Italy.
And I'm sorry our intercourse stopped here, England.

I'll see you guys in four years from now.
With more of my adoration and stuff.

Farewell, Amico!

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